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Is It A Wrap For Keith Jardine After Getting KO'ed By Ryan Bader?

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Last week I posed the question if Keith Jardine would be cut from the UFC if he lost to Ryan Bader at UFC 110. However, after watching his performance against Ryan Bader I have to wonder if Keith Jardine is done fighting period. I mean I have no doubts that he'll probably fight again, but I'm referring to Jardine as a legitimate light heavyweight fighter. Jardine has fallen on hard times as of late losing three fights in a row, suffering two brutal knockouts in his last two. I've often given Jardine credit for the tough opposition he's faced in his UFC career. There's no shame in losing to Rampage Jackson, Thiago Silva, Wanderlei Silva, and a potential top ten light heavyweight in Ryan Bader. The only 'blemish' on Jardine's UFC record is his embarassing loss to virtual unknown at the time Houston Alexander, who is no longer in the UFC. This guy has arguably fought tougher opposition than any other UFC light heavyweigth in recent memory. I still believe he won the Stephan Bonnar fight way back in 2006.

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Jardine is 34 years old now, and it seems as if Jardine's chin can't take a shot anymore. Here's a guy that went three full rounds with Chuck Liddell when beating Chuck Liddell was a big deal. He went three rounds with Rampage Jackson who definitely has power to put anyone to sleep. But these knockouts that Jardine has suffered are beginning to accumulate. He's been knocked out 4 times since May 2007. I'm talking brutal knock outs where you don't get a post fight interview in the cage type of knock outs. It's a proven fact that once you get knocked out, it just becomes easier and easier for it to happen again. That seems to be the case with Jardine and it'll be interesting to see what happens with him now.