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I'd Like To Thank The Australian MMA Fans That Attended UFC 110

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I wrote the recap piece almost immediately after watching UFC 110.  I was sleepy, tired, and I had to get up early for church this morning, so I hit the highlights but failed to mention one very important aspect of UFC 110.  The Australian crowd.  They were absolutely terrific and watching it on TV, it seemed as if it was hype as hell in the arena.  Even some community members in the open thread and discussion remarked at how good the crowd was.  They came nearly 18,000 deep!  That's what's up. 

They were respectful towards the fighters, and I can only recall one instance of them booing ever so slightly.  I think that was during the Cro Cop/Perosh fight, but it wasn't a sustained type of 'boo'.  The Aussie chants that went thru the crowd were great as well, and really made it seem as if they were enjoying themselves. 

However, the best thing about the crowd was their knowledge of the MMA fight game.  They cheered the quick transitions on the ground between hometown fighter George Sotiropoulos and Joe Stevenson.  They cheered the submission attempt of Wanderlei Silva on Michael Bisping at the end of the second round.  They appreciated the heart displayed between two blood soaked fighters in Bonnar/Soszynski.  They cheered Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria for thanking them for coming to the event when he had just gotten destroyed by a fighter that could be the heavyweight future of the sport.

Well done mates...well done.

SBN coverage of UFC 110: Nogueira vs. Velasquez