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Bisping Was Robbed? UFC 110 Silva vs. Bisping In-Depth Statistics

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In the open thread and discussion last night, there were quite a few people that thought Michael Bisping should have won the decision. However, it was awarded to Wanderlei Silva (29-28) across the board which is what I had on my score card. I thought Bisping won the first round, and Silva won the last two rounds. It seems that the debate hinges on the take downs that Bisping got, but he didn't do anything with any of them as Silva was able to get back to his feet almost immediately. The stats from fightmetric are pictured above, so it'll be interesting to check out. Also, Wanderlei was able to catch a couple of Bisping's kicks and sweep him to the canvas where he was able to do a bit of ground and pound. Which is more than what Bisping was able to accomplish with 5 take downs. You can see those stats here. Of course there was no gripe from Bisping during the post fight interview as he was pretty humble and thanked the fans. That was a different story at the post fight press conference where he stated he thought he won the fight, but he still was pretty humble in defeat.

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