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UFC 110 Results: George Sotiropoulos Outclasses Joe Stevenson For Unanimous Decision Win

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The fight begins Sotiropoulos with a nice right and then a single leg, but Stevenson defends well.  He puts Stevenson against the cage.  They move to the center of the cage and Stevenson falls back for a throw but misses it.  Sotiropoulos lands in top position.  Half guard.  Sotiropoulos trying to pass to side control as he controls Stevenson's head.  Stevenson is holding Sotiropoulos to break his posture.  Sotiropoulos with hammerfists to the body and Stevenson lands a big upkick.  Sotiropoulos falls and passes Stevenson's guard.  He mounts Stevenson and Stevenson rolls.  The action is FAST PACED with transition after transition with Sotiropoulos keeping dominant position after dominant position.  Sotiropoulos attempts armbar as the bell sounds to end the first.  Great round for Sotiropoulos.

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The round begins and Sotiropoulos lands a punch.  Stevenson with a leg kick.  Soto lands a punch that buckles Stevenson.  He recovers.  Soto with a nice combination and ducks a left hook from Stevenson while countering with a punch of his own.  Soto with a another nice right hand.  He doubles up on the left hook on Stevenson.  Stevenson wings a big left hook and misses badly.  Stevenson shoots for a take down and slams Sotiropoulos to the mat.  Sotiropoulos with the rubber guard and has an omaplata locked in against the cage.  Sotiropoulos sweeps Stevenson and lands in side control.  Stevenson rolls and grabs a single. Sotiropoulos drops to the ground and is going for an armbar.  Stevenson defends.  Sotiropoulos with full guard now.  Great fight so far.  Stevenson falls back for a angle lock but Sotiropoulos defends and locks in a choke just as the bell sounds.

The third round begins and Soto is coming forward and lands a 1-2 and now a left hook.  Stevenson throws a kick and Soto catches it.  Soto with a single leg and Stevenson goes for the guillotine.  Sotiropoulos is controlling Stevenson everywhere.  Sotiropoulos with a nice right hand.  Stevenson shoots for a single leg, but Sotiropoulos defends well.  They clinch against the cage and Stevenson drops down for the single again and gets it.  Stevenson in half guard now against the cage.  Sotiropoulos now with full guard.  Stevenson trying to GnP and Soto lands a upkick.  They are back to their feet now.  Nice double leg take down from Stevenson, and Soto with full guard.  Stevenson puts Soto against the cage with 15 seconds left and that's how the round ends.