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UFC 110 Results: Ryan Bader Outlasts Keith Jardine For The 3rd Round KO

The fight begins and Jardine comes out with a big right that looks like it was partially blocked.  Bader pins Jardine against the cage and they exchange punches as they break the clinch.  Jardine with a nice counter.  Jardine coming foward with punches but nothing doing.  Jardine coming forward again.  Bader wings a big right.  Jardine over commits and Bader lands the take down and goes to half guard.  Bader with a couple of short elbows as he's workign to pass Jardine's guard.  Bader with more short elbows to Jardine's head and body.  Jardine with the butterfly guard now.  The crowd is doing some type of rugby chant.  Bader was going for a d'arce choke but Jardine defends.  The referee stands the fighters up.  They are both swinging wildy and Jardine lands the right hand.  Bader with a right of his own.  Jardine with a nice leg kick as the bell sounds.

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The second round begins and Bader lands a leg kick.  Bader with a jab.  Jardine with a good leg kick.  Bader shoots for a takedown and Jardine is defending.  They clinch against the cageand Bader is throwing short knees.  Jardine with double underhooks now.  Jardine with a nice knee to the body.  Jardine connects with a left hook.  Bader shoots again and Jardine defends well.  He's got a whizzer with his left arm as Bader has him pinned against the cage.  Bader with a good knee to the body.  Jardine waves Bader on in.  Jardine comes forward with punches and nothing is doing.  Jardine with a big right hook.  Bader shoots and Jardine defends again.  Jardine coming forward again with punches.  Jardine with a body kick and defends the take down at the same time.  They clinch after a wild exchange.  Bader gets a take down briefly, but Jardine gets back to his feet immediately as the bell sounds.

The last round begins they are both tentative as Bader wings a right hand that glances Jardine's shoulder.  Bader shoots for a take down and Jardine defends nicely.  Jardine with a leg kick that's checked by Bader.  Jardine lands a nice kick.  Bader with the take down and Jardine is back to his feet immediately.  Jardine with a left uppercut that lands.  Jardine with a leg kick.  Bader lands a huge left hook and Jardine goes out.  Bader wins via KO and Jardine seems upset with the stoppage.