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UFC 110 Results: Mirko Cro Cop Stops Anthony Perosh With A Cut At End Of The Second Round

The fight begins and Cro Cop is coming forward the whole time.  Mirko misses with the left high kick.  Perosh with a take down attempt but Cro Cop defends.  They are back up to their feet.  Mirko coming forward and Perosh lands a leg kick.  Mirko with a nice straight left that rocks Perosh.  Perosh goes to the ground and Mirko lets him back up.  Perosh trying for the take down but Mirko defends as they are up against the cage.  Mirko pushes him away and comes forward.  Mirko is unloading with 2 straight lefts and Perosh falls to his back to try and pull guard.  Mirko gets back to his feet.  Mirko with another straight left.  Perosh falls to the ground again and Mirko with some ground and pound.  Mirko wings another big left that partially lands.  Perosh is bleeding from his nose.  Perosh is in retreat mode and Mirko is stalking.  Mirko with a body kick and another straight left.  Perosh shoots for a take down and Mirko sprawls nicely.  Mirko with some ground and pound.  Perosh is on his back with Mirko standing over him as the bell sounds.

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The second round begins and Mirko comes forward again and Perosh retreats.  Mirko with a nice uppercut counter and Perosh shoots and it's defended.  Mirko with hammerfists to the head.  They are back on their feet and Mirko lands another uppercut and another.  Perosh is in survival mode as Mirko lands another body kick.  Perosh lands two leg kicks and shoots but is stuffed.  Mirko with head shots as Perosh turtles up.  Perosh tries to sneak a single leg from his knees but it's defended.  Mirko with body shots and Perosh rolls to his back..Mirko waves him to his feet.  Perosh shoots for another take down but Mirko defends.  Mirko stalking and Perosh shoots for another take down and Mirko stuffs it AGAIN.  Mirko with headshots as Perosh rolls to his back.  Perosh with full guard and Mirko lands a big elbow.  Perosh is bleeding heavily now because of that elbow.  The doctors check the cut.  The fight continues.  Perosh lands a body kick.  Cro Cop lands a right hook and Perosh goes down to the ground.  Cro Cop with some HEAVY ground and pound, but Perosh survives the round.

The doctor stops the fight before the 3rd round begins.