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Strikeforce Announces Worldwide Broadcast Deal With Shine International

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From MMAJunkie:

The mixed-martial-arts promotion and Shine International have sold more than 70 hours of programming across six markets in the above regions, Strikeforce today announced.

Strikeforce's 30 highlights shows (which first aired on NBC) and 56 hours of other fight footage that originally aired on Showtime, as well as live events through February 2012, are part of the deal.

Virgin Media Television's Bravo in the U.K., Turner in Latin America, FX in Portugal, Ukraine's Megasport, Seven Network Australia, and Dahlia TV in Italy have all purchased the programming.

"Strikeforce is the leader in mixed-martial-arts content as proven by the huge demand for their programming around the world," Chris Grant, president of Shine International, today stated. "They have the world's best fighters, the world's best events, and they know how to translate that into fast-paced programming that captures what will soon be the most popular sport in the world."

Does the president of Shine International really believe what he said?  Getting more eyeballs on your product is usually a good thing.  However, shouldn't Strikeforce worry about branding themselves here in North America before trying to expand overseas?  This is like putting 22 inch rims on a Daewoo.  I really think it's important for them to get a firm foothold in other places in the U.S. besides San Jose, California before worrying about anything overseas.