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UFC 110 Preview: Michael Bisping Respects Wanderlei Silva, But Compares Him To Chris Leben

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Michael Bisping gives Wanderlei Silva all the props in the world  as he blogs about the UFC 110 match up via The Daily Telegraph:

As far as achievements go, I’ve got nothing but the greatest respect for Wanderlei. He’s a legend and has had a fantastic career. Despite all that, I’m looking to beat him convincingly on February 21st and add another loss on his career record. 

You’ve got to go out and fight someone like Silva with maximum confidence. You can’t do anything halfway with him. Either you go out there and believe in yourself or you get knocked out quickly. He will prey on any sign of weakness or nerves.

He’s been around in this sport for a long time and has had more fights than most people have had hot dinners. He knows what to look for. He can beat guys before the first bell even rings. That’s one thing I need to be wary of against him.

 Then turns right around and compares him with Chris Leben:

Stylistically, the fight may be similar to the one I had with Chris Leben in October 2008. Leben was a tough, aggressive guy with some highlight reel knockouts on his record and he really brought the fight to me. He also throws similarly wild and looping punches to Wanderlei. I had to use my speed and straighter punches to beat Leben and the same thing may come into play with Wanderlei. I’d say Wanderlei is a bit quicker and more explosive than Leben overall.

Obviously the game plans won’t be the same, but in terms of style there are definite similarities between the two of them. I’m not going to fight Wanderlei the way I did Leben, but I may draw on my fight with Leben to help me beat Wanderlei.

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