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Shane Carwin Thinks He Has Two Ways Of Beating Frank Mir At UFC 111

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In a response to Frank Mir's claim that he(Mir) has the edge standing and on the ground with his jiu-jitsu, Carwin responded with this:

"I think I have what it takes to win the fight standing or through ground and pound. He is going to be looking for mistakes and openings for his submissions. It will be a true honor to test myself against Frank."

"Frank Mir's trash talk won't affect me at all. I really do not pay a lot of attention to smack talk. Whatever my opponent needs to do to get themselves ready to fight me is fine. At the end of the night the better fighter (that evening) should have his hand raised and really that is all I care about. I have a lot of respect for Frank as a fighter and as a MMA professional. I have a long ways to go to be on his Hall of Fame level so whatever he says is likely justified."

I like his humility towards the end of the statement, but the first part of it has me scratching my head.  We've never seen Carwin ground and pound anyone for the most part, much less use his decorated wrestling since joining the UFC roster.  I have a hard time seeing Carwin winning this one standing as I think Mir's standup is way better.  I guess we'll find out at UFC 111.  What say you?