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Cris "Cyborg" Santos Wants To Fight On The Strikeforce CBS Card In April

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From Tatame:

"I wanna fight in April, but I don’t know who’s gonna be my opponent. They talked about a girl (Erin Toughill), but they’ll also do a GP… I wanna fight before the GP, or I’ll stay out for too long (laughs)",

First of all, If Strikeforce is serious about promoting women's MMA they need to put Cyborg on this card in April.  Secondly, they wanna do Santos vs. Toughill but Toughill has said that she'll be given a 'warm up' fight before the Santos fight.  Which kind of makes sense because she hasn't fought since May 2009.  However, as arrogant as she is in that interview linked above, you would think she wouldn't need a warm up fight.  I've written at length about how Strikeforce is dropping the ball by not promoting Santos and/or women's MMA at all.  It's their ticket to differentiate themselves from the UFC just a bit.  The only problem is if Santos doesn't fight Toughill in April, then who is left for her to fight?  I'm for going forward with Santos/Toughill fight even though Toughill would be coming off a long layoff.  If Toughill wins, then you have a new champion that can actually fight, can sell a fight, and is easy on the eyes while getting exposure to millions of eyeballs on CBS.  If Santos wins, you have a champion that appears to be unstoppable and it's seen by millions of eyeballs on CBS, while offering something different than the UFC.