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Trash Talk Between Gegard Mousasi And King Mo Lawal Is Heating Up

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The rumors of a Gegard Mousasi vs. King Mo match up are growing by the day.  Acutally, MMA4Real community member 'Felix' spoke with Mousasi at the Strikeforce: "Miami" event and said that he's going to fight King Mo next.  However, nothing has been officially announced by the Strikeforce promotion.  King Mo recently stated that Mousasi could forge his own name on the contract, because that's how bad he wants this fight.  Lawal's confidence seems to irk Mousasi a little, and he offered this response to MMAJunkie:

"Maybe he's a nice guy," Mousasi continued. "Personally, if you get to know him, maybe he's a nice guy. But for me, now I have to fight him and I don't have to like him. And he's challenging constantly and blah, blah, blah, so I don't have to like him.  He's confident because he's never lost. I want to see how he reacts when I punch him, and how he fights then.  I have a good chin, and he's basically a wrestler with punches and ground and pound," Mousasi said. "I have the same ground and pound, even better, with submissions. His wrestling is the only thing that he's better. But I would say, in the clinch I would knee him, and I have my boxing, so I'm not worried."

Personally, I'd like to see Lawal fight someone like Babalu before getting the shot at Mousasi just from an experience standpoint.  I'm not saying that he can't beat Mousasi, but he only has 6 fights in his career so there's no point in rushing him out there.  There's a difference between Mike Whitehead and Gegard Mousasi competition wise.  However, this fight will be a good one whenever it does go down.