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Who Is Josh Barnett Kidding? Wants To Fight In 2010 When Promotions Stop Bull*******

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Josh Barnett spoke with announcer Mauro Ranallo on "The Fight Show" and stated that he would like to fight again in 2010.  However, he didn't use the best choice of words considering that this is a guy that has tested positive for steroids multiple times over the years.  Check it:

"Definitely something's going to happen this year,"....."As soon as any promotion out there stops bull****ing and comes correct, that's all," Barnett responded when asked when he'd fight again. "If they want me to fight, all they got to do is step up to the plate, throw me an opportunity and don't put something in front of me that's a slap in my face or ridiculous."

Really Josh?  Why should any promotion pay you what you want to be paid when you have a lot to prove in regards to passing a steroids test?  Maybe if you would take what they offer then pass a couple of tests, then you'd get a contract more to your liking instead of coming off as an dude that feels as though the world owes him something?  In regards to the American promotions, it's not like you are this huge star that draws in tons of PPV buys or anything.  Wow.