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UFC 110 Preview: Can George Sotiropoulos Get Past Joe Daddy?

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Sotiropoulos talks Joe Stevenson to the Las Vegas Sun:

"It's just a brand. A fighter's name and his fighting quality are two separate things," Sotoripoulos said. "Just because people don't know my name doesn't mean I'm not a serious threat.

"If (Stevenson) doesn't realize that, he's going to have a problem on his hands. He already has a problem on his hands."

Sotoripoulos is on quite a roll, finishing all four his opponents since appearing as a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter. However, Stevenson will present Sotoripoulos with the needed upgrade in competition to make it to that next level of UFC lightweights. Sotoripoulos is very well rounded as is Stevenson, but he should enjoy a reach advantage although Stevenson made be the more powerful of the two. It's a great match up that could feature many transitions on the ground and solid exchanges while standing. I would not be surprised to see Sotiropoulos give Stevenson all he can handle.

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