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UFC Launches President's Day Marathon On Spike TV

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If you are lucky enough to be off work(I'm not), and have 12 hours of nothing to do?  Well, the UFC will have 12 hours of MMA broadcasting on Spike TV beginning today at 9am ET.  The schedule is as follows:

9 am UFC Unleashed: Griffin vs. Jackson and more
10 am UFC Unleashed: Huerta vs. Garcia and more
11 am - 3 pm Ultimate Knockouts
3 pm - 7 pm UFC's Ultimate 100: Greatest Fights
8 pm UFC Unleashed -- all-new episode

Of course this material is footage of old fights, but I somehow always catch myself watching old fights from time to time.  I'll definitely be checking out the new UFC unleashed episode at 8pm.  The Anthony Johnson vs. Josh Koscheck fight from UFC 106 will be featured, as well as other fights.