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Bobby Lashley To Focus On MMA Full Time After Being Released From TNA

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In an interview with

I had a talk with [TNA] a while back about doing both [MMA and wrestling]. Everything seemed to be working well," Lashley recently told Heavy. "I think maybe there were some complications there towards the end. I got back home and got all these calls from people saying that I had been released from wrestling. So as far as I know, I've been released, so yes, I can focus full time on MMA."

The fact of the matter is, it was going to have to be one or the other for Bobby Lashley if he ever was going to really try to become a legitimate heavyweight threat.  Also, this is just another example of  have non-exclusive contracts are not really that great for the most part.  Because usually one side of the deal feels they are getting shitted on at some point.  The rumors are swirling that Lashley will have his next fight on the April Strikeforce card that will air on CBS.  His rumored opponent at the moment is Brett Rogers.  Now what are the odds that Lashley can become a legitimate heavyweight since he''ll supposedly be training in MMA full time now?   

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