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Report: Chael Sonnen Will Not Be Fighting Anderson Silva At UFC 112

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From Kevin Iole's Twitter Account:

Just spoke to Chael Sonnen. He WILL NOT be fighting Anderson Silva at #UFC 112.

So that narrows the field down just a tad, and of course I've already made my claim as to who Anderson Silva should be fighting next at UFC 112.  Also, let's be clear that Dana White has already stated that Silva WILL fight on the card.  So who could be it?  I just don't see how they could let him defend his belt now.  With Sonnen out, Marquardt and Okami are both coming off of losses to Sonnen.  The Michael Bisping/Wanderlei Silva fight is next week, so they can't change that fight.  I can't really think of anyone else besides Randy Couture that can take this fight.  Unless the UFC promotes BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar to the main event, and let Silva fight against someone like Luiz Cane as the co-main event?  Who am I missing?