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NEW Feature: Facebook Connect For MMA For Real

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I know some of you logged onto the site this morning like what in the world is going on?  Well the great tech team at SB Nation has made it easier for you and I to login in to your SB Nation(MMA For Real Account) with your Facebook account.  So there's no more of having to log into both account separately.  If you use the new feature, you will be logged into both AT THE SAME TIME.  This new feature also makes it much easier to place posts from the site to your Facebook wall.  It also serves the same function for each fanpost/fanshot that YOU post on the site, so you can spread your work around to more people.  There's also more to it and you can find out all about it after the jump as I've taken a portion of Trei Brundrett's post from our Blog Huddle site.  He had a big hand in the new feature and explained it a lot better than I could have.

Connect With Facebook

1) The Blue Button: Initialize

That blue Facebook Connect button in the SB Nation network bar atop every blog... see it? Click it.  Don't have an SB Nation account yet? CLICK IT. What, you have an SBN account, and you're already logged in? CLICK THE BLUE BUTTON. You'll be connected to Facebook in seconds.


We've put this Connect button in several other spots around the blogs. So it'll be easy for you to Connect the first time, and easy to login again in the future.

2) The Blue Button: Engage

You'll be asked to Connect one more time by Facebook. Click this lovely blue button as well.


3) Authorize: Login to Facebook

Next you'll get a pop-up window confirming that you want to Connect with SB Nation. Login to Facebook if you haven't already. Either way, click the 'Connect' button below to authorize.


4) Authorize: Login to SB Nation

Finally, if you already have an SB Nation account and use the same email address for Facebook, we'll recognize you. Complete the process by logging into SB Nation. Done. Welcome to tomorrow.

And here's the best part: the next time that you visit SB Nation and need to login, just  click the blue Connect button. You may be asked to login to Facebook again, but that's it. No need to remember another password! That's extra time you can spend discussing the latest news in the MMA world, or debating my MMA top ten's list(those will be updated this weekend btw).

When you're logged in with Facebook, you'll see a little F alongside your avatar in the network bar. BOO  YAO!

Post to Your Facebook Wall

Once you've connected SB Nation with Facebook, start sharing stuff to your profile as you publish. It's easy to push a comment, FanPost or FanShot to your Facebook wall.

Check out the checkbox at the bottom of the comment form.


If you check that box and click the 'POST' button, you'll see a familiar Facebook form:


If you have any questions about the new feature, feel free to post them in the comments section or email me directly.  I encourage you guys to use the new feature as it will a great way for you to help us spread the work that we put in day in and day outIt'll also help you spread the work that you put in on the site in regards to fanposts/fanshots and comments.  Not only that, but it'll save you a little bit of time in regards to logging in and out of your accounts.