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UPDATE: Vitor Belfort Injured And UFC 112 Bout With Anderson Silva Is OFF

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That's the news according to

One of the most expected fights of 2010 will not happen anymore. The title fight between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, set to UFC 112 main event, will possibly be cancelled, as learned from close sources that the challenger is injured and won’t be able to recover in time.


Jayme Sandall, Karate trained of the challenger, revealed to that Belfort had a shoulder injury, but he doesn’t know how bad it is. "He was training but not using the arm for a long time because of the injury, he said he’d stop for a while. He said he’d have it scanned to know how bad it is, but I don’t talk with him for 15 days and I don’t know about the results", said.

The piece goes on to state that Anderson Silva has no knowledge of the injury, and is training as if the fight is still going to take place.  The event is scheduled for April 10th. A replacement could be Chael Sonnen if it gets to that point after beating Nate Marquardt at UFC 109 in a #1 contenders fight.  However, Sonnen is medically suspended until March 9th.  It would be a great way to ride the momentum that Sonnen has built up with the upset win, as well as the trash talk he has began to throw in Silva's direction.  Stay tuned as the news is either confirmed or rejected. 

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 02/11/10 6:24 PM EST ]It has been confirmed that Belfort is out of the UFC 112 match up with Anderson Silva.  Anderson Silva will remain on the card, but Belfort's replacement isn't known at the present time.

HT: Yahoo Sports.