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Who Is The Best Trash Talker In Mixed Martial Arts?

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The war of words between Paul Daley and Josh Koscheck is beginning to heat up as their fight draws nearer. I've always wondered when more MMA fighters would catch on to the game of trash talk. I mean you've always had one or two here and there that were decent at selling a fight. However, there have never been as many trash talkers in the game as we currently have now. MMA has always been predicated on having respect for your opponents, therefore, many of the fighters chose to be very bland and exhibit little to no personality. However, I think fighters can talk a little trash to sell the fight without going absolutely overboard with it. A perfect example was Paul Daley stating what he was going to do to Dustin Hazelett at UFC 109. Daley said he was goiong to knock Hazelett out, and that's exactly what he went out there and did. What I want to know is who do you think is the best smack talker in all of MMA?