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Josh Koscheck Talks Paul Daley, Tito Ortiz, And More

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"Paul Daley is talking a lot," said Koscheck. "Paul is going to get his mouth shut. I've been in this game for a long time and yeah I talk a lot of trash but guess what, I back it up at the end of the day. If Paul Daley's going to talk, is he going to come into the cage on May 8 and back it up? I can guarantee I am."  Don't be afraid to talk a little bit to entice me to stand. Because I have good standup and I have a good chin. I have a lot of power. and if I put my right hand on your chin, you're going to go to sleep."

I hope Kosheck doesn't get caught up in the hype with trying to stand with Paul Daley.  No disrespect, but if Paulo Thiago put you down with a left hook.  I can only imagine what that devastating left hook from Paul Daley is capable of...just ask Martin Kampmann and Dustin Hazelett.

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