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North Carolina BJJ Championships In Winston Salem, NC On March 13th

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EARLY-BIRD Pre-Registration: (available until March 6)

1 Division: $69
2 Divisions: $89

LATE Pre-Registration: (available March 7 - 11)

1 Division: $75

2 Divisions: $95

On-Site Registration: (available March 12 & 13)

1 Division: $80

2 Divisions: $100

Online Pre-Registration can be done here.

Also there will be a Special 8 Man Tournament For Brown And Black Belt Open Division with $500 going to the winner.  You can pre-register here for this portion of the event.  The match length will be 10 minutes and will follow the official IBBJF Blackbelt rules.  Registration is limited to the first 8 competitors.   

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