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Fighters Waiting 3 Hours Plus To Get Medical Attention After Strikeforce: "Miami"?

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That's the word according to Matt Hughes who was in Robbie Lawler's corner as he fought Melvin Manhoef:  Below is Hughes speaking to Steve Cofield about the situation as well as Lawler's performance against Manhoef:

Cofield goes to to verify that some fighters did have to wait 3 plus hours for medical attention.  Cofield spoke with Ken Pavia(Jay Hieron's manager) and they confirmed the news.  However, all the blame can't be placed on Strikeforce as the athletic commission is Florida has a part in this role as well from my understanding.  It was reported that they only had two doctors on hand for the event.  I know Lawler is his own man and Hughes doens't speak for him that I know of.  However, Hughes openly criticizing Strikeforce openly for the second time could influence his decision about who he'll sign with next.  Could we see Robbie Lawler going back to the UFC?

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