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Coastal Combat Circuit Mission Submission 1 Grappling Results

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The Mission Submission 1 grappling tournament took place this past weekend amidst the snow and everything in Elizabeth City, NC.  The full results are below from

Tournament Championship (Division Winners Only)

1 Jason Ramos

2 Devin Saylor

3 Sal Rullen

Absolute Open Weight For Championship Belt

1 Morrison Butler

2 Devin Saylor

3 Charles Craddock

Cruiserweight 190-199.9lbs

1 Devin Saylor

2 Leonardo Saraceni

3 Andrew Devine

Featherweight 140-149.9lbs

1 Jason Ramos

2 Scott Cummings

3 J Nelson

Heavyweight 200-224.9lbs

1 Sal Rullen

2 Anthony Corbo

Super heavyweight 265 +lbs

1 David Champagne

2 Ryan Banville

Teen Agers 150lbs – under

1 Jordan Brabble

2 Michael Rullen

3 Cody Putnam

Welterweight 160-169.9lbs

1 Micah Wisecarver

2 Charles Cradock

3 Ryan Ramos

Best Submission of the event:  Jason Ramos for Triangle Choke

Best Grappler of the event:  Charles Craddock for most matches completed 7 five minute rounds

Videos can be found after the jump.

HT: KnuckleUp Fitness Outer Banks

Morrison Butler vs. Scott Cummings For The Absolute Title^

Charlie Craddock vs. Ryan Ramos For The 169lb Title

More videos can be found here.