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Gegard Mousasi Shares His Thoughts On King Mo Lawal And Training With GSP And More

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He basically says he's not really impressed with King Mo Lawal and that fight isn't confirmed but he's pretty sure it will happen in April on CBS.  He also says he hits harder than King Mo, and that he thinks it's a good matchup for him.  He thinks the only advantage that King Mo has is his wrestling.  He thinks King Mo could take him down once or twice maybe, but he gonna make sure he hurts somebody.

Personally, I think Strikeforce should give King Mo one more fight, preferably on the CBS card against someone like Babalu.  Give him that exposure, THEN let him fight Mousasi for the title.  Then again, Strikeforce and their match making isn't one of their strong suits in my opinion.  That along with the way they schedule the fighters without properly promoting them before title shots is something they need to work on in the future.

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