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Quote of the Day: Joe Rogan on MMA judging following Garcia/Phan decision

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During Saturday's "The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale," UFC television analyst Joe Rogan went off on judging in MMA and the Nevada State Athletic Commission following a brutal judges decision that saw Leonard Garcia beat Nam Phan by split decision.

Here is what Rogan had to say during the Rick Story/Johny Hendricks fight (transcription via Fight Opinion):

"You gotta be thinking, this fight can't even be close. ... It puts a tremendous amount of pressure on fighters not knowing what kind of officiating you are getting. ... It's gross. You should be able to leave it in the hands of the judges. The Nevada State Athletic Commission, that's what it is. Keith Kizer has denied that there's an issue. ... I think he needs to clean house. ... It's sheer, complete, total incompetence. Send e-mails, write blogs, get online..."

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