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The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale Results: Brookins claims title with decision win over Johnson

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After a real tough first round, Jonathan Brookins rebounded to easily take rounds two and three to win "The Ultimate Fighter 12" lightweight tournament and win the six-figure contract with the UFC.

The two touch gloves to start and it's Johnson who lands the first shot. He lands a few more. Johnson over the top for one more. Johnson landing at will in the first 30 seconds. Brookins looking for a single. He can't get it as Johnson turns it around and breaks the grip. Johnson drops him and Brookins is in trouble. He stands up and Johnson lands a knee. Brookins gets tagged again. No defense by Brookins. He is going to town. Brookins hanging in there, though. Brookins is tough. Huge uppercut lands for Johnson and a follow-up. Not much happening now. Knee out of a clinch for Brookins, his first significant offense of the fight. Johnson tags him again and shrugs off a takedown. Round is over.

Brookins gets a takedown to start the round and lands some nice ground-and-pound. Half-guard. Not a lot happening after the initial onslaught. Brookins passes and locks up Johnson's left arm under his leg. He frees it. Brookins working elbows now. Johnson not working well from his back, here. Johnson manages to regain an open guard. Brookins with some shots and Johnson gets up but Brookins has a single. Johnson fighting it. It's clear he doesn't want to go back down. Johnson with some elbows to the side of the head. Johnson starts hopping so Brookins slams him into half-guard with 45 seconds left. Brookins trying for a kimura but he's not going to have enough time as the round ends.

Brookins grabs a single after taking a shot as we start the third round. He gets him down. Johnson in the sitting position with his back on the cage. Brookins not doing much. Johnson tries to stand but can't. Brookins just trying to stay on top here. Brookins takes a mount and gets Johnson's back off the cage but Johnson sweeps him and they stand after a scramble. Lateral drop connects for Brookins and he is on top with 2:10 to go. Half-guard for Brookins as he works some ground-and-pound. Brookins maintaining his top position. Johnson tries to get a single late in a small scramble but he can't and Brookins ends the fight on top.

The three judges scored the bout 29-28, 29-28 and 29-27.