2011.2: Wishing Well

Each and every year, no matter how sick it was will leave a few threads of regret. Quite simply, a patchwork quilt can’t be perfect but there ain’t no harm in trying. You only fail when you stop trying. I for one will always try to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I will convince myself that once this rain passes there will be a badass rainbow. “It’s just a moment, this time will pass”. I’m a dreamer and here are my top five dreams of what I (unrealistically” want to see in a wishful 2011.

1. Taxi!

Mike Goldberg, so long, farewell, it’s time to say goodbye! Randy Couture, Kenny Florian, Frank Mir and Stephan Bonnar step up and be counted. I’m counting on you. An overhaul is long overdue.

2. Strikefarce

The dissolution of a shitly run organisation and its equally shit contemporaries so that I can tempt myself with the impending arrival of Overeem, Emelianenko, Aoki, Milendez, Miller et al against UFC stars. Thus giving me the fights I want to see and bona fide world champions.

3. Incey, Wincey Spider

Real hurting being put on Anderson Silva. In retribution for two (being “kind”) shit title defences. Throw him in there with Rua, Jones or Velasquez so I can watch some “wincey” Spider.

4. Two for the Price of One

A José Aldo 155lb fight so he holds two divisional crowns. Why? Because he can.

5. Getting Some Learn On

For Brock Lesnar to actually become a student of the game. This would require him to wilfully apply himself to his all-round evolution as an MMA fighter, by non-exclusively opening his mind, his doors and his crucially his eyes. For a man with prodigious talent it would sadden me deeply to see an untapped natural resource just walk away from a sport he could so easily dominate. Fingers and toes will remain crossed indefinitely.

Well that’s me folks, share your own below. I’d love to hear them! Thanks and Happy New Year!!

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