2011.1: Here's Hoping

A new year dawns and with it rests the hopes of an Irish boy. We’re set for a big year (yet again) in the mixed martial arts community. Such is the growth of the sport, every year now seems set to surpass its predecessor. What’s perhaps most telling is that this isn’t limited to the spectacle but the tangible increase in popularity and mainstream presence. Anyhow, each year brings forth its own storylines, rivalries and expectations. As an unabashed sucker for this stuff here is a short list of what I (realistically) hope to see this year.

1. The Reign Of Rua

Very few fighters earn my undivided loyalty, Mauricio Rua is one of the chief few. It has sadden me deeply to see him plagued by injury, but this was tempered with great joy over the entirety of his rise to championship gold in a two fight run against Lyoto Machida. This year I hope to see him knock out Rashad Evans before a second successful defense against either Ryan Bader or Jon Jones.

2. The Crowning of Cain

Cain Velasquez is a rarity, also a man who has captured my mind and heart, with his will to win but in the most definitive of fashions. May he return from his shoulder injury healthy and hungry for work. It would please me no end to see another step in the crowning of this heavyweight ”kingpin”.

3. “We Are Live”

It remains to date one of my biggest regrets that I have yet to attend a UFC show. It has gotten to such a point now, that I have it in my mind to ream my “virginity” with the full 12 inches. Should circumstances allow I will endeavour to make my first event something huge like a Velasquez or Rua title defence. Only something truly meaty would now sate my insatiable appetite.

4. A Russian “Reeming”

Whilst on the topic of reaming, Scott Coker I don’t give a shit book Emelianenko versus Overeem, because you can. I want to see does Alaistair actually have “it”, and whether Fedor still has “it”.

5. It’s “Showtime” Baby!

Anthony, wow me again. I dare you. Hell, I double dare you.

These are just the top five things I hope to get out of a highly anticipated 2011. In part II I’ll attempt to look at my more wishful thinking and some “high hopes”.

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