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UFC 124 Aftermath: Is 'GSP' the best in the world if he isn't finishing fights?

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Following his domination of Josh Koscheck on Saturday at UFC 124, the question must be asked: Is Georges St. Pierre the best combat sports athlete in the world?

It's a tough call because it's difficult to compare across different sports, especially with the likes of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather lurking. I have absolutely no qualms saying that St. Pierre is the best mixed martial artist on the planet, though.

St. Pierre is the best because he has simply made the best fighters in his weight class look like amateurs time and time again. His whitewash of Koscheck makes it 30 straight victorious rounds for the champion. Think about that. Thirty consecutive MMA rounds won against the best competition the sport has to offer him. Names like Jon Fitch, B.J. Penn, Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy and Koscheck for a second time.

Not only has he won 30 straight rounds, it's difficult to recall more than one or two in which his opponent was competitive. This has been clinical dominance from GSP, and it has been absolutely terrific to watch.

We are witnessing greatness here.

Now, the $64,000 question here that has to be asked is "How can GSP be the best when he isn't finishing his fights?" To me, that's almost an irrelevant question because of his complete and utter dominance.

It's clear St. Pierre treats this like a sport. He's not out there to be involved in Leonard Garcia-esque fights. He's out there to win. Not only that, he is winning in the most convincing way possible each and every time. If he was out there squeaking out 48-47 decisions, then that might be a problem. But he is systematically picking apart his foes and not giving them any glimmer of hope whatsoever. He is not going to take any unneeded risks. It's as simple as that. Sometimes the opportunity is there. Others, it's not. But even though this new GSP isn't steamrolling people to finishes like he did prior to his loss to Matt Serra, watching him fight is awe-inspiring.

Now, with that said, it looks like Jake Shields is next up. If he can't finish Shields, then we might begin to have a problem. Shields is an opponent tailor made for him to finish because of how weak his striking is.

We had a caller on Lights Out Radio following the show that said watching GSP fights is now boring because of how dominant he is. I really found that interesting because that line of thinking never crossed my mind. To me, watching the best in the world in action is a treat, especially when he only fights twice year. Each GSP fight is an event these days. It's a real big deal. Only Brock Lesnar fights are in the same realm in terms of being events. That's why they can never be boring.

As it stands today, Georges St. Pierre is the best mixed martial artist in the world and is high up in the discussion for best combat sports athlete in the world. His skills and domination of opponents speaks for itself. Watching St. Pierre fight is something special and will continue to be for a long time.

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