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UFC 124 Results: Georges St. Pierre routs Josh Koscheck; GSP retains title

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Georges St. Pierre proved he is the No. 1 fighter on the planet, bar none.

St. Pierre routed top challenger Josh Koscheck, shutting him out on all three scorecards using a deadly jab to horribly damage Koscheck's right eye from the first round forward to retain his UFC welterweight championship in convincing fashion.

We are underway without a glove touch. St. Pierre with a takedown 20 seconds in but Koscheck walks the wall back to his feet in short order. St. Pierre throwing a lot of kicks and lands a nice right. Koscheck stuffs a takedown. Koscheck throwing wild rights. GSP with a nice two-punch combo. Koscheck stuffs a takedown and lands a knee. GSP finding a home for the jab time and time again. GSP just blistering Koscheck with the jab. Koscheck shoots in with a single and GSP stuffs it with his back to the cage. Koscheck wants it. A body lock can't get it once but the second time gets it with 15 seconds left in the round. Koscheck with an elbow and that's it for the round.

Second round begins and Koscheck's right eye is swelling badly. Superman punch for St. Pierre. "Ole, ole" from the crowd for the second time. Nice leg kick by St. Pierre. Crowd chants "F--- you Koscheck." Superman punch lands again. Koscheck responds with a swinging right that GSP partially blocks. GSP staggers Koscheck. Koscheck lands his first significant offense of the fight with an uppercut but GSP responds. First real exchange of the fight. Koscheck looking for the uppercut more now. Round ends with GSP pushing forward.

Koscheck's corner tells him to put the heat on St. Pierre. GSP's corner tells him Koscheck is going to go for the uppercut because the right isn't working.

GSP goes for a takedown early in the third but it's stuffed. They pummel against the cage. They break after a long period on the fence. Koscheck doing better now as he has appeared to settle in. They clinch against the cage. Shoulder shot for Koscheck. They break with 1:20 left. WIld right misses by Koscheck. GSP lands a hard left. St. Pierre lands another hard leg kick as the round closes.

Greg Jackson tells GSP to circle and jab. The doctor taking a hard look at Koscheck's eye here and Herb Dean calls time. Koscheck wants to go. The doctor lets him fight.

Koscheck throwing more now and St. Pierre responds in kind and gets a big double and is on his back for split second. Koscheck drops for a leglock but GSP evades it. St. Pierre landing high knees against the cage and Koscheck has to put his back on the fence, standing. Clinch time. Dean breaks them up with 3:20 to go. Koscheck throwing more now and again, GSP responds. Left hook right into the damaged eye by GSP. Double jabs landing at will for St. Pierre. Koscheck trying to protect that damaged eye. Round ends.

Koscheck's corner tells him, "you gotta go for it, Josh!" Koscheck refusing ice on his eye, constantly pushing it away.

Final round underway. GSP wobbles him with a left. Koscheck tries to throw a high kick but GSP slides out of the way. Left hook cracks Koscheck. Koscheck misses wildly and St. Pierre makes him pay. Koscheck stuffs a takedown and they clinch with GSP in front. Under 100 seconds left. Koscheck's right eye now is bleeding. GSP gets a takedown with 1:22 to go. Koscheck stands. He drags him back down and looks to take his back but Koscheck turns around with one minute to go. They pummel and break with 32 seconds left. Koscheck misses a spinning back kick by a mile. Another jab by GSP. He sends Koscheck reeling as the fight ends. 

The two embrace and chat. An absolute clinic by Georges St. Pierre.

The scoring is academic at this point. St. Pierre sweeps the scorecards at 50-45, 50-45 and 50-45.

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