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UFC 124 Results: Stefan Struve sweeps, stops Sean McCorkle

After being on bottom for much of the first round, all it took was one sweep for Stefan Struve to end up in full mount. From there, he landed blow after blow on Sean McCorkle until the referee was forced to halt the contest.

Feeling out process to start and Struve starts things with a big right. McCorkle takes him down and goes for a kimura from half-guard. Struve tries to spin off the fence and is successful in breaking the hold. Struve tries to kick off the fence and sweep but McCorkle is able to maintain top position. McCorkle stands up and Struve attempts an armbar but McCorkle is safe. McCorkle with a can opener. Struve looking for a kimura from the bottom and Struve uses it to sweep and mount McCorkle. Struve is raining down blows and the fight is stopped.

The time of the stoppage is 3:55.

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