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Weekend Roundup: Cormier, Saunders, Drysdale victorious

Daniel Cormier was victorious this weekend in Australia. <em>Photo by Esther Lin/Strikeforce</em>
Daniel Cormier was victorious this weekend in Australia. Photo by Esther Lin/Strikeforce

Several name fighters were in action during the weekend, led by Daniel Cormier in Australia, Ben Saunders in Florida and Robert Drysdale in British Columbia.

Daniel Cormier knocked off PRIDE and UFC veteran Soa Palelei in the first round at Xtreme MMA in Sydney, Australia to retain the promotion's heavyweight championship. describes the action:

Palelei was quickly taken to the ground, mounted and eventually Cormier rained down his patented ground and pound assault, leaving "The Hulk" no choice but to tap out do to the onslaught.

Cormier moves to 6-0 with the win.

Former UFC welterweight Ben Saunders fought for the first time since his release from the company several months ago, stopping Elijah Harshbarger in the first round at a World Extreme Fighting show in Florida. describes the action:

Saunders spent the early going defending takedown attempts from the clinch, but soon created distance and zapped Harshbarger with a stiff right hook. When Harshbarger attempted to lure Saunders into his guard, Saunders motioned him back to his feet, where "Killa B" proceeded to pour on a barrage of knees and kicks. After a flurry of punches opened a cut on Harshbarger's face and left him trapped at the base of the cage with Saunders pummeling from above, the "Ameri-jitsu" inventor was forced to submit just four minutes into the opening round.

Robert Drysdale moved his young MMA career to 2-0 with a first-round submission win over Clay Davidson at AFC 4 in Victoria, British Columbia.

The Province describes the action:

The 2007 ADCC Absolute Division Champion stopped Toshido Martial Arts fighter Clay Davidson just before the three-minute mark of the opening round, sinking in an armbar that Davidson had been game in fighting off for more than a minute. Drysdale was exceptionally fluid once the fight hit the canvas, focusing in on the arm and maintaining position despite having other options available to him.

This was Drysdale's second first-round submission in as many outings.