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Quote of the Day: Mike Swick on resuming career

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Mike Swick will return to the Octagon in January. <em>Photo by Ken Pishna/<a href=""></a></em>
Mike Swick will return to the Octagon in January. Photo by Ken Pishna/

Mike Swick has been missing in action ever since February when he lost via second-round submission to Paulo Thiago at UFC 109. Something was wrong with Swick and it turned out to be a spastic esophagus. caught up with Swick to detail his fight to get back into the Octagon.

"There's no real way to tell what causes [esophageal spasms]," said Swick, a mainstay at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, Calif. "It's just something that happens. I don't think there's a cure for it, but the meds will tame [the symptoms] somewhat, and a Botox injection helps, as well. I took meds while I was waiting to get the injection, and it allowed me to have more freedom with what I eat. The one downside is that all of the meds are sedatives, so I had to watch how much I took before I wanted to train."

Swick received Botox injections Nov. 2 to help treat his condition, and while too early to tell if they will be successful, he remains optimistic about his future, both inside the Octagon and out.

"I'm still waiting for the swelling to go down, but I've already noticed some improvement," said Swick, a cast member on the first season of "The Ultimate Fighter" reality series. "I'm not going to be totally cured, but it's an improvement and it's making my life easier. I should be able to eat more and put on more weight."

Swick currently is scheduled to return to the UFC on Jan. 22 against David Mitchell.