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More on Cerrone/Sursa incident

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The good folks at ULTMMA shed a little more light on the incident between Donald Cerrone and Marcus Sursa that occured over the weekend at an event in New Mexico:

Sursa, a Texas based heavyweight, was roommates with Cerrone and featherweight contender Leonard Garcia for approximately one month in the fighter's New Mexico home. Both Cerrone and Garcia are trained by renowned MMA trainer Greg Jackson at Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts gym in Albuquerque, NM.

Sursa briefly trained with Jackson's fight team before leaving the camp after an argument with one of its trainers. Reports are that Sursa is still not on good terms with many of Jackson's pro fight team, Cerrone included.

According to sources close to the situation Sursa recently made comments about the Jackson camp that has not set well with many of the gym's fighters.

The report goes on to detail a second incident that nearly occurred.

A second altercation nearly occurred after Sursa went into to the cage and apologized to the fans for the cancelled main event. As Sursa exited the cage, Cerrone and his associates were escorted away from the cage by in-house security as the two men continued to jaw at one another.

Sursa's injuries that prevented him from fighting his scheduled opponent included a swollen eye and cut on his hand from Cerrone's tooth.

ULTMMA reports the New Mexico Athletic Commission has yet to comment on the situation.