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SB Nation Interview: Barnett fights in Singapore on short notice with no corner

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Heavyweight prospect Chris Barnett spoke with our parent site about a wild little trip he had: Taking a fight in Singapore on short notice and flying over there to fight with no real corner.

Despite all that, Barnett nearly beat Eric Prindle that October day, but lost by majority decision.

Here is what Barnett had to say about the trip to David St. Martin:

"I think I took it about a week and half out. They told me not to worry about making weight and that they would make it a super heavyweight fight. When I heard that I was like, 'OK, don't need to tell me twice.' When I went over there I didn't even have a corner at first. Usually I'm mentally calm, but that week? I didn't know what was going on. It took a toll. It definitely played a part in the loss."

"By fight time I got a buddy to fly out. He knows about MMA but it wasn't like having my normal routine of someone yelling, 'hey! do a crucifix, scoop his right leg.' He was just kind of yelling, 'uh ... go Chris! Do that!' He ended up flying out two days before the fight, but because you lose a day coming over it was really one. I was glad someone was actually able to come over but it was kinda UGH. The time difference really screwed me up. When I was supposed to be asleep it would be 3PM in the States but 3AM in Asia. I would be wide awake, running the streets of Singapore. It wasn't a good situation."

You can read the rest of the interview here