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Quote of the Day: Getting Aldo not to fight 'a really tough task'

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Nova Uniao head Andre Pederneiras tells that getting UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo to pull out of his UFC 125 title defense with Josh Grispi was "hell."

"It was such a really tough task for me to convince him not to fight. He wanted to fight anyway. He was really excited to make his UFC debut, but I told him [fighting] in such a crisis state, he may have really serious problems. He argued that he wanted to fight anyway, that people would think he was chickening out, but I insisted and convinced him."

Pederneiras said Aldo's been feeling pain in his right arm right a long time but finally got it looked it. He believes after a month of physiotherapy that Aldo will be able to make his UFC debut in about three months.

Aldo (18-1 overall, 8-0 WEC), defeated Mike Brown for the WEC featherweight title at WEC at WEC 44 and defended the title two times before the WEC was absorbed by the UFC last month.