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In-Depth Details On The Upcoming MMA For Real Fantasy Season Beginning With UFC 122

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It's that time for a new season of the MMA For Real betting game.  My apologies for not keeping this as updated as usual the last couple of events.  However, I think I have a schedule in place with our kids so that I'll be back in the saddle with things here shortly. 

Congrats to last season's winners as Rich Wyatt(points) and Noahagenda(wager) pretty much owned us all. 

For those new to the site, you can still join the MMA4Real betting game.  If you would like to join the game, create an account and just send me a message on the mmaplayground, with your MMA4Real user name or leave a comment in this thread so I can send you an invite. Please make sure your MMA Playground login name is as close as possible to your MMA4Real screen name.  You can also just leave your MMA Playground username in the comments section for me to add you to our roster.  If you are with another fight team, you will have to leave that team in order to join ours.  Our current roster can be found after the jump as well, so come on and sign up if your not isn't listed!

SBN coverage of UFC 122: Marquardt vs. Okami



There are two things by which you are measured in the betting game: points and cash. Points are awarded when you correctly pick a fight's winner, ending time, and type of finish (KO, sub, etc). Earning points also earns you Playground dollars. This is a helpful offset to any losses incurred during the early part of the season when cash is low. If you bet away all of your cash picking is your only means of bringing it back in , so do not forget to make your picks for each event.

A season on MMA Playground's betting game lasts ten UFC events. You can place bets on other major promotions, such as DREAM and the WEC; however, the results of those bets and picks in the secondary league are not counted toward our camp standing.  However, we want you to participate in the secondary league as well. The next season of the betting game starts with UFC 108.


Money earned through the placement of bets is what, in the end, we are all after, however. Something to keep in mind: the odds used for Playground are not necessarily reflective of any actual betting line. They are "based entirely off of MMA Playground fantasy game user data".

Another thing worth noting is that the line for a bout is not locked in when you make a wager on that fight. The lines move with your bet on them until the actual start of the event. I would suggest making initial bets a week out from an event and checking the lines a day or so out. This strategy will prevent you from forgetting to make that play green and will also allow you to make any needed changes before fight time.

Placing Wagers


Playground kindly does the math for you and displays the possible earnings and losses from the bets you have placed. It is up to you, however, to decide which fighters to ride. A parlayed bet is indicated by checking the box to the left of the fighters (up to three) you believe will win in synchronization:


The total win/loss of a parlay wager is displayed at the bottom of the wagering interface. An event summary for your wagers is also provided:




Joining And Current Roster


After creating your account at MMAPlayground just leave a message(with your username) in this thread indicating your desire to join the MMA For Real betting crew.  Please note your MMA For Real user name if you are contacting me through MMA Playground.  Our fight camp name is   Divisions are soley based on how many people you have on your roster.  The current roster is below, so please join us if you haven't already.

Roster Control
Username Remove

Roster Control

More Details On Stuff

1) The playground lines don’t seem to change. I don’t recall them ever shifting one way or another, they’re just sort of made up. It’s helpful to look and see what the real lines are when making picks too:

2) Parlays are hella risky. A three-line parlay has three chances to go south, and at the level of competition in the UFC, almost anything can happen.

3) You get five points if you pick winner correctly, seven points if you pick winner and round OR method correctly, and eleven points if you get all three: that’s a two point bonus for being spot on. There’s also a hot bout for every fight, which they claim is the closest fight (but is usually the worst, or just random) which is good for DOUBLE points. That means that if you get just the winner, you’re in for ten, and if you get all three you get a whopping twenty-two points!