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'Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Noons II' Preview: Nick Diaz Interview

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Nick Diaz still has a bitter taste in his mouth from his 2007 first-round TKO loss to K.J. Noons in EliteXC.

Saturday, the two will meet for the Strikeforce welterweight championship at HP Pavilion in San Jose in the main event of "Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Noons II."

In this interview (caution: NSFW language), Diaz talks about the first fight with Noons along with his thoughts on Jason "Mayhem" Miller.

Quick quote:

Win or lose, I just want to fight for real. If I'm gonna lose, can I lose for real? I'm ready for my ass-whoopin' if I'm gonna take an ass-whoopin. I'm ready, but let me take my ass-whoopin' if that's how it's gonna be.

HT: Fight Opinion

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