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UFC 121 Results: Relentless Sanchez rebounds with decision win over Thiago

Diego Sanchez rebounded from two straight losses to defeat Paulo Thiago by decision at UFC 121.
Diego Sanchez rebounded from two straight losses to defeat Paulo Thiago by decision at UFC 121.

After two tough losses in a row, Diego Sanchez rebounded in a big way Saturday at UFC 121, setting a relentless pace in the last two rounds to beat Paulo Thiago by unanimous decision.

Sanchez lands a right to the temple. Sanchez goes for a takedown but Thiago grabs his neck to thwart the attempt. Thiago lands a nice knee against the cage. Thiago grabs a single but can't get it and they break off the cage. Thiago ducks under a punch, grabs a bodylock and wrestles Sanchez to the mat. Nice takedown. Half-guard. Thiago appears to be bleeding. Sanchez tries to scramble but Thiago goes for a D'Arce but doesn't get it. Sanchez scrambles to his feet. They break. Another nice sequence. Sanchez to the body. Sanchez lands a right to the nose. Sanchez comes in with two shots and clinches Thiago against the cage. Sanchez tries for a takedown, he doesn't get it and Thiago drills him with a couple shots as the round ends.

Second round underway. Thiago lands two hard shots in an exchange and Sanchez waves him in for more. A real weird scramble that starts with a Sanchez single leg and sees him end up in a reverse mount with his backside toward Thiago's face. Thiago gets his legs in and Sanchez does a great job maintaining top control in the guard. Into the half-guard as Thiago tries to lock in a Kimura. Thiago is warned for a shot to the back of the head. Thiago goes for a Kimura again. He throws a leg in but Sanchez pulls out and stands above and dives into guard. Thiago then flips Sanchez over and they briefly clinch against the cage when Sanchez picks him up, runs across the Octagon screaming and slams him. Loud "Diego" chants. Sanchez tries to get the back. Sanchez working some ground-and-pound. Under 20 seconds now. Sanchez tries to pull but he's too high and the round ends with Thiago escaping and landing a shot and a head kick. Sanchez is feeling it. Great round.

Here we go with the final round. Thiago is tired. Thiago gets double underhooks but Sanchez lands on top. Half-guard. Sanchez trying to pass as Thiago tries to go for the Kimura. Sanchez gets free and makes Thiago pay with an elbow. Thiago gives up his back. Hooks are in and Sanchez is working for the choke. Body triangle in. Bad spot for Thiago. Thiago rolls to his knees. Sanchez loosening him up with ground-and-pound. Both men on their sides now. Thiago is able to slightly escape and Sanchez is in mount. Thiago gives up his back again. Thiago is somehow able to escape out but can't keep his balance on the way out and falls. Sanchez is on him before he can get up but eats an upkick coming in. Thiago scrambles and tries to get a leglock but it's not close. More punches from Sanchez. He hops on Thiago's back but is too high. He slides off and Thiago tries a D'Arce but he's too tired. Sanchez wades through upkicks to land in guard. Under 30 seconds left. Thiago goes for a leglock with 10 seconds left but Sanchez takes mount and both men just swing wildly as the fight ends.

The judges score the bout 30-26, 29-28 and 29-28.

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