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UFC 121 Results: Hamill knocks off mentor Ortiz

Matt Hamill picked up the biggest win of his career, knocking off mentor Tito Ortiz at UFC 121. Photo by Scott Petersen/<a href=""></a>
Matt Hamill picked up the biggest win of his career, knocking off mentor Tito Ortiz at UFC 121. Photo by Scott Petersen/

In a battle of teacher versus student, it was the student, Matt Hamill, who came out on top at UFC 121, beating former light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz by unanimous decision.

Ortiz with a head kick to start things and he is really going after Hamill. "Tito" chants. The other part of the crowd responds with "Hamill" chants. Ortiz tries another kick and Hamill takes him down. Ortiz scrambles and stands. Nice sequence. Ortiz cut under the right eye. Hamill wades in but doesn't fire. Ortiz checks a leg kick. Ortiz really trying to find a home for that head kick. Hamill with a right over the top. Left hook for Hamill. Leg kick for Ortiz. Hamill lands a nice shot. And the round ends as Hamill lands a strike after the bell.

Hamill out with more aggression than he was in the first. Right hand connects for Hamill. Hamill with a head kick that surprises Ortiz. Right hand and then a left for Hamill. He digs in with a leg kick. Ortiz lands a nice knee to the body. Ortiz with a jumping knee against the cage. Ortiz with a nice leg kick. Ortiz steps in with a punch and Hamill ducks it and takes him down. Full guard. Both men pummeling from their positions. Ortiz throws the legs up to no avail. Hamill with some nice shots as Ortiz tries to change positions. Hamill stands up in the guard and Ortiz goes for a leg but they roll and Hamill ends up in side control with 45 seconds left. Hamill working a nice game from top here. Ortiz regains half-guard as the round comes to a close.

Third round underway and they touch gloves. Hamill with a jab to start things off. Sneaky left hook lands for Hamill. Ortiz lands a right. Ortiz goes high with a kick again and it's blocked. Double jab connects for Hamill. Nice left uppercut/right cross combo for Hamill. Another left uppercut for Hamill. He's finding a home for that. Ortiz lunges in with a left. Ortiz shoots and Hamill is having none of it. Two minutes left in a very close fight. Hamill with a right over the top. Hamill catches Ortiz napping and takes him right down with 1:25 remaining. Bad spot for Ortiz here. Hamill in half-guard. Hamill with some nice ground-and-pound. Big elbows from Hamill. Under 30 seconds now. Hamill getting more shots through. Ortiz scrambles at the end but Hamill cradles him and keeps him down.

The judges see the bout 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 all for the winner, Matt "The Hammer" Hamill.

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