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UFC 120 Results: Michael Bisping Outpoints Yoshihiro Akiyama

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Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Akiyama lands a wicked right punch seconds in the first round. Akiyama lands another punch and a leg kick. Left straight lands for Akiyama, then a left hook. Bisping shoots on Akiyama and Akiyama stuffs the takedown. Both fighters trade kicks. Bisping shoots again and Akiyama stuffs another shot. Bisping lands a right hand and ends the round with a missed flying knee.

Akiyama lands some punches on Bisping early in the second round. Bisping kicks Akiyama to the body and Akiyama catches it and lands a punch. Bisping is poked in the eye and the fight is stopped. Akiyama stuffs a takedown and lands a right hook. Bisping lands two stiff rights. Akiyama is sitting back not throwing punches. Bisping is much more active in the striking game. Akiyama lands a big right and looks to finish the fight as Bisping backs up against the fence. The round ends before Akiyama can land anymore punches.

Early in the third round Bisping was clipped by an Akiyama right. Bisping can't aviod Akiyama's right hand. Bisping lands two leg kicks, and starts to throw more volume in the third. Bisping lands a painful kick to Akiyama's groin. Akiyama is down for quite a while, eventually the fight is restarted.  Akiyama is pushing the action now, but can't land anything clean. Bisping is teeing off. Two and three punch combinations from Bisping land on Akiyama. Akiyama is tired and hurt. He is winging punches until the round ends.

All three judges scored the bout 30-27.

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