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UFC 120 Results: Mike Pyle Defeats Previously Unbeaten John Hathaway

Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Mike Pyle was supposed to be a showcase opponent for the previously undefeated British Welterweight John Hathaway. Pyle defeated Hathaway by unanimous decision in the Brits homecoming fight. Pyle controlled Hathaway to a unanimous decision.

Pyle shoots inside and pushes Hathaway across the cage and trips him to the ground. Hathaway uses the fence to get to his feet. Hathaway is on top, but can't improve his position, Hathaway then lets him up. Pyle shoots for a takedown and Hathway stuffs it. Hathaway lands some sharp punches. Pyle answers with a shot that forces Hathaway to back away. Pyle lands more punches on Hathaway. Hathaway is trying to moving away from Pyle. Pyle takes down Hathaway and the round ends with Pyle on top.

Hathaway is working his jab early in the second round. Pyle shoots for a takedown and Hathaway stuffs. Hathaway pushes Pyle up against the fence and starts landing strikes in the clinch. Hathaway is now consistently landing strikes on Pyle, Pyle is trying to get this fight to the floor. Pyle achives a takedown and starts punishing Hathaway with strikes from top position. Pyle moves to mount with a inverted triangle and begins to unleash strikes on Hathaway's face. Pyle has been in mount for about a minute and a half now. Pyle continues to ruthlessly hit Hathaway in mount until the round ends.

Hathaway looks like he is going to go out on his shield. Pyle yet again drags Hathaway down to the mat. Hathaway is looking for a triangle, but Plye sees it coming a mile away and moves away from danger.. Hathaway tries to escape Pyle's guard, but Hathaway is too tired. Pyle controls him and lands punches in half-guard. Round ends with Pyle onto and boos from the London crowd.

All three judges score the bout 30-27.

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