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UFC 120 Results: Travis Browne and Cheick Kongo Ends in a Draw

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Cheick Kongo and Travis Browne fought to a uneventful draw at UFC 120. Kongo won rounds 2 and 3, while Browne won round 1. A point deduction in the third for grabbing Browne's shorts cost Kongo a win in London, England. It was a very ugly fight. This was Browne's first major test and he failed to capitalize on the opportunity. A decisive win for Browne would have given the UFC yet another young, promising prospect in the heavyweight divison. 

Kongo and Browne trade a few leg kicks early in the first round. Browne starts throwing big wide punches at Kongo. Kongo lands some hard kicks to Browne's legs. Browne tries to counter with big, lunging punches. Kongo is avoiding most of Browne's punches. Browne then catches Kongo with a big hook and Kongo is wobbly. Kongo stops throwing and Browne takes control of the fight. Browne is teeing off on Kongo and Kongo survives by clinching with Browne. Round one is over and Kongo survives.

Early in the second Kongo landed a combination of punches, most landing on Browne. Kongo lands a monster knee to Browne's groin and the fight is stopped. Browne is coming after Kongo like a Kamikaze pilot, just flailing his arms. Kongo clinches and pushes Browne against the cage. Kongo begins to lands knees to Browne's legs. Lots of clinching for the majority of the round. Just before the end of the round, Browne gets a takedown.

Early in the third Kongo was deducted a point for holding onto Browne's shorts. Lots of clinching in this round as well. Kongo has Browne up against the fence landing foot stomps and knees. Browne is gassed and Kongo starts throwing punches taking control of the fight. Kongo pushes Browne up against the fence and with little time remaining Browne takes down Kongo.

All three judges scored the bout 28-28.

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