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WEC 51 Results: Donald Cerrone Avenges his loss to Jamie Varner

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Donald Cerrone backs up his talk and gets revenge on Varner winning a Unanimous decision victory at WEC 51: Aldo vs. Gamburyan.

Not surprising, neither fighter wants to touch gloves. Cerrone sprints towards Varner and the fighters clinch up. Cerrone throws a big knee that hurts Varner and knocks his mouthpiece out. Cerrone takedown Varner! My head just exploded. Varner gets back to his feet and both fighters trade strikes. Cerrone is getting the better of the exchanges. Action slows as fighters clinch against the cage. Varner ends the round by landing two big punches on Cerrone. 

Cerrone comes out quickly backing up Varner with kick-punch combos early. Cerrone again takes down Varner! Cerrone moves into side control and Varner sweeps to his feet.. They break from the clinch and Cerrone throws a high kick that was blocked. Varner is bleeding by the left eye and it is bothering him. Cerrone lands another combination on Varner, finishing with a hard leg kick. Varner shoots in for a takedown and Cerrone manages to stuff it! Cerrone raises his hands like he's Nick Diaz, and lands a few blows to end the second round.

Both fighters touch gloves to begin the third. Cerrone lands a jab, then throws a combination. Varner stuffs a Cerrone takedown. Cerrone tries another unsuccessful takedown. Varner lands two big right hands. Varner is now pushing the pace, putting pressure on Cerrone. Cerrone gets a takedown and lands a few short elbows. Varner gets back to his feet. Both fighters are gassed. Cerrone lands two leg kicks to end the fight.

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