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UFC to North Carolina for Fight Night 22

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According to MMAJunkie:

The UFC's 2010 schedule continues to fill, and the promotion is apparently eying another event for the already busy month of March. ( has learned from sources close to the organization that the promotion will hold an event on March 31 to serve as a lead-in for the debut episode "The Ultimate Fighter 11."

The event, which will presumably be titled UFC Fight Night 22, is expected to take place in North Carolina, though an exact locale and venue weren't immediately known.

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 01/09/10 12:37 PM EST ]

A few months back, a phone number was posted on Dana White's twitter account saying that you could text him.  I sent a text to the number asking when the UFC was planning on coming back to North Carolina.  Of course I can't verify if it was indeed Dana White that texted me back(I still have the text), but whomever it was responded with the following:

Thanks for the support bro, we are coming back to North Carolina real soon.

So I text back asking if it would be a PPV event or another UFN event and this is the reply I got:

It'll be another UFN event

So I text back again asking if the event would be like the Fight for the troops event, or if it would be open to everyone and not just the military and I didn't get another response.  I'm assuiming the event will take place in Fayetteville, North Carolina once again since that's only a couple miles away from our largest military base at Ft. Bragg.  Dana White loves supporting our military and the place was packed from what I understand last time they were here.  Stay tuned as I'll try to confirm with the NC Boxing Authority where the event will take place.