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Winston Salem, NC: "Battle At The Benton" MMA Event

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On January 23rd, will be presenting "Battle At The Benton" in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  The doors will open at 6pm with the fights beginning at 7pm and the event will take place at the Benton Convention Center.  You can get your tickets right here, or call Michael White at (336) 655-0475.  There are some studs on this card.  Casey Johnson, Jacob Allman, Sylvain Bynum, and Jefferey Tharington just to name a few.  The entire fight card can be found after the jump.

Larry Baron vs Erik Stephens
Hugo Acevedo vs Harley Ferris
Lonnie Price III vs Jamal Harris
Chris Smith vs Paul Flowers
Casey Johnson vs Jeffrey Tharington
Gary Wingfield vs Ron King
Bradley Essick vs James Ronsick
Nick Blake vs Jimmy Fowler
Sylvain Bynum vs Jacob Allman

Make sure you come out and support your local MMA!