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Does Rashad Evans Have What It Takes To Beat Rampage Jackson?

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Rashad Evan's head trainer Greg Jackson thinks so, and says that Evans' speed will be the difference:

"Without getting too specific, Quinton has some very good assets including punching power, his wrestling is good,But where Rashad's (strength) really lies is speed. And Rashad is so amazingly quick, and it's one of those things where he looks quick but when he really gets going he's really fast. It's hard to keep track of where he is. Speed, among other things, is going to play a large factor in this fight coming up."

All of you know that I'm a HUGE Rashad Evans fan, and I'm also a fan of Rampage Jackson(the fighter) so I'm really looking forward to this fight.  I'd have to say that if Rampage and Rashad would have fought at UFC 107 as it was initially scheduled, I think Rampage would have knocked out Rashad after seeing his UFC 108 performance.  While Rashad has the speed advantage, Rampage has other advantages when he's in shape.  Check it out the differences between he and Thiago Silva after the jump.

HT: Sherdog

1.  Rampage has a great chin and isn't afraid to get hit(not saying Silva is)

2.  Rampage has technically better boxing and footwork, not to mention better defense standing

3.  He is also a better wrestler than Silva

The only question mark coming into this fight will be what type of shape will Rampage Jackson be in after such a long lay off?  We saw what happened to him after his first stint as a coach on TUF when he returned to fight Forrest Griffin.  He was out of training mode for months and it cost him at UFC 86.  While he didn't look absolutely horrible, he wasn't in tip top shape for that fight.  It's no secret that Jackson hates training, but maybe his dislike for Rashad and motivation to prove all his critics wrong will help him get in the training he needs on the days he doesn't really want to be there.  Give me your thoughts on this one.