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Thiago Silva Talks About His UFC 108 Loss To Rashad Evans

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From Tatame:

The fight was good, besides I have lost. It was hard to defend the takedown and I lost by point. I took a lot of takedowns, didn’t I?

Did you expected that he would work that much on takedowns?

I expected, but I didn’t thought that he was going to insist that much on the game. I thought he would exchange a little bit more, but he escaped from the exchanging and he went on takedowns.

Thiago Silva speaks on why he started taunting Evans in the third round and why he wasn't able to finish him off once he had him on the ropes:

I knew I was losing. I wasn’t that good on the energy and I tried to provoke him to see if he comes over me, but he didn’t bought it. I knew I was losing, I lost the two rounds.

When you hit him, don’t you think that you needed to keep hitting him more?

To be tired make a difference, man… I started to provoke him because he was with the low energy, getting tired… Wanting or not, he has a heavy hand, there’s some time that we don’t know what’s going on anymore… I think the energy made the difference, I was pretty tired.

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