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Bjorn Rebney Explains Why Bellator Is Different Than UFC, Strikeforce, WEC

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"Absolutely. You know, I think that’s… that was what was in my head five years ago. I used to watch the fighting sports and I used to say what it needs is objectivity, it needs a fighting organization where guys control their own destiny and that’s what I wanted to put into motion. That’s what makes us different from the UFC, Strikeforce, and WEC. It’s not fighters walking out of the mouth of the dragon or girls dancing on the pole or anything kind of a team concept. It’s exactly the same thing you see in all your favorite organizations but it’s up to the fighters."

I understand what Rebney is trying to get at, but at the end of the day the fighters in other organizations control their own destiny as well.  Now of course all companies have fighters that they feel can ultimately become stars, so their matchups are more carefully planned.  However, those fighters still have to go out and win as the competition ultimately becomes tougher.  Fighters can be protected even in their tournament formats, so really there isn't a big difference between what Bellator and every other company does.

Transcription via Fightopinion