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UFN 20: Nate Diaz Is The Underdog Against Gray Maynard

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In keeping with the tradition that we've been doing for th past few UFC events, we turn to the UFC home page to see who the underdog is in the upcoming main event.  Check it:

Gray Maynard headshot


Nate Diaz headshot

Gray Maynard


Nate Diaz




Total Votes
I would have to agree with the fans on this one even though Diaz owns a submission victory over Maynard from the TUF show.  That was a long time ago and I'd have to say that Maynard has improved much more than Diaz since that fight.  Diaz is tricky on the ground, but Maynard will not fall into a submission like Melvin Guillard.  What say you?

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